Frequently Asked Questions?

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothing and trainers as you will be asked to move around. If you are having your shoulder, neck or back assessed, for women we recommend a strappy top so we can assess efficiently.

Can I bring someone with me?

Are you HCPC registered?

Yes all of our physiotherapist are registered members of the HCPC and CSP. This ensures we are keeping up with best practice, which ensures our clients are getting a high standard of care at all times.

Can I use my medical insurance?

Yes we are covered by all major medical insurance companies. All you need to do is bring a pre-authorisation number with you. If you have a cash back plan we will provide a full invoice.

Do you do home visits?

Yes we do home visits. These will be charged at normal hourly rate plus 45p per mile to and from the home visit location.

What will the assessment entail?

We pride ourselves on conducting a thorough assessment to give you the reassurance and all the information needed at the end of the assessment. We will take a subjective history, asking the whys, hows and whats. This will be followed by objectively assessing depending on the complaint. You will then be given rehab to do at home.

Yes, More the merrier. If you feel you need someone to support you we will greet them with open arms. We are not shy by chaperones. All clients under the age of 18 must be chaperoned with a responsible adult.